Radboud University PhD Scholarship 2022 Application Update

Radboud University PhD Scholarship

For the Radboud University PhD Scholarship, Radboud University is currently accepting applications from students who meet the necessary qualifications. For all students, it is a fully financed scholarship.

About Radboud University

In Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Radboud Institution is a public Roman Catholic university with an emphasis on research.

The institution is named after Saint Radboud, a 9th-century Dutch bishop renowned for his intelligence and assistance to the poor.

Since its founding in 1923, Radboud University has constantly been ranked among the top 150 universities worldwide by four influential directories.

In the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities as of 2019, it is ranked 104th.

Aim and Benefits of Radboud University PhD Scholarship

1. It relates to a job for 0.8 to 1.0 FTE (5-year contract) (4 year contract).

Based on a 38-hour workweek, the gross starting compensation is €2,541 per month, and it will rise to €3,247 starting in the fourth year (salary scale P).

2. Your annual bonus will be 8.3 percent and your holiday allowance will be 8%.

3. You will work for the company for the first 18 months before having your performance assessed.

The contract will be extended by 2.5 years (4 year deal) or 3.5 years if the evaluation is favorable (5 year contract).

4. Our Dual Career and Family Care Services will be available to you.

Our Dual Career and Family Care Officer may aid you with family-related support, assist your partner or spouse in getting ready for the local job market, offer individualized assistance in their job search, and assist your family in relocating to Nijmegen.

5. Those who work for us receive additional vacation days. If you work full-time, you have the option of taking 29, or 41, days of yearly leave in lieu of the legally required 20.

Requirements for Radboud University PhD Scholarship

1. You hold a Master’s degree in politics or international relations, for example (or a related discipline).

2. Your grade transcripts and resume both attest to your academic excellence.

3. You’ve conducted qualitative research or interviews before.

4. You are prepared to spend a significant amount of the contract duration in the nations under study.

5. You speak English well (excellent oral and written communication skills).

6. Your proficiency with qualitative social science research techniques is strong.

7. You can operate both individually and collaboratively.


1. You are quite adept at using quantitative research techniques in social science.

2. You have knowledge of doing research with elites in challenging or conflict-affected environments.

3. You are an authority on the study of political violence.

4. You are fluent in other languages than English (depending on case selection).


Application Deadline

30 September 2022

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