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All this not to mention the difficulty of finding free time to rest or even spend time with friends and family. It took your breath away just reading it, right? Are you sure you’re doing everything right?

So know that your life doesn’t need to be like this. Certainly, from what we can see, it is missing to organize all your daily demands, so that you have prioritized what you need to do and when you should perform each activity.

It was with this in mind that we produced this post! In it, we’ll share some tips on how to put together an infallible study schedule, which will help you plan better in the way you’ll organize all the tasks you must accomplish to achieve the biggest goal of your year: passing the entrance exam!

Think about what your day-to-day life is like today before putting together a study schedule.

Before establishing any kind of planning, you need to stop and think about what your current routine is like. Consider all your mandatory activities, such as classes, prep courses, physical activities and language courses, for example.

Now, list all the obligations you need to add to your schedule, such as complementary study times, rest periods (yes, you need to have break times), bedtime, etc.

After this stage, in which we discover everything that must be done throughout the week, we can move on to the next step.

Make a habit of planning your routine

It’s not so simple to plan the routine and make it organized overnight. You need to make it a habit, so that it becomes something natural and common in your everyday life.

You can start slowly, writing down all the demands you will have throughout the week. This way, you will have a better view of what you should do. And it’s no use just writing it down, you have to check the activities daily.

Over time, you can increase, and plan fortnightly or monthly.

be organized

It is essential to be organized to be able to plan your routine, otherwise it will be impossible to create a study schedule. In this way, it is ideal that you have a folder with all the materials that will be needed and that you take care not to leave everything scattered around the house or in your backpack.

Having an agenda, physical or digital, will also be very helpful in making your schedule workable.

Set the time for each activity

How about creating an activity calendar ? Take a sheet of paper and divide it between the days of the week. Also, add your schedules to this sheet — you can split a space every hour.

First, you will fill out this sheet with all your mandatory activities. In the spaces that are left, the ideal is to place the other tasks that we have already indicated, such as studying, taking breaks, reading books or another hobby.

Ideally, this sheet should be accessible in your study corner so you can check what the next activity is. Want to further automate your schedule? Put your cell phone to wake up and let you know when your next obligation will be.

This activity sheet can be a complement to your agenda, where you will better develop what is going to be done.

Establish degrees of priority

In the times of the day set aside for study, try to establish degrees of priority. You can contemplate every day subjects that have little, medium or great difficulty. One tip is to merge your study schedule with the subjects in the classroom.

If you had geography, math, and biology on Monday morning, you can set aside time to dedicate to studying these subjects in the afternoon – and thus divide them into degrees of difficulty. In this way, you will know which topics you need to dedicate more time to in order to pursue the loss.

Study in a comfortable and quiet place

For your study schedule to work, you need to have an environment conducive to learning. It’s no use staying in a place where you don’t feel comfortable, has interruptions at all times or is noisy.

One possibility is to talk to your family and explain that, at this moment, you need to dedicate yourself to your studies to make your dream of passing the entrance exam come true. If your home is always busy, an alternative is to study in the school library or in a public one in your city.

The ideal is that you at least have a place with adequate ergonomics and that is silent. If studying away from home is not an option, try listening to instrumental music to drown out the noise outside your home.

Select different study methods

In your schedule, you can add the possibility of contemplating different study methods , such as reviewing content, making summaries, watching videos on the topic, doing exercises, creating mind maps or flashcards.

This variation of methods will be very interesting to help you make your study routine less boring and repetitive. Which, consequently, will make you more motivated to remain committed to your goal.

Separate break and rest times

Separating moments of pause and rest is very important to ensure your mental health. Spending hours studying, although it seems very productive, will only leave you more tired and exhausted.

Therefore, invest in activities that relax you, such as watching a movie, taking a nap or even meditating. Break times are important for your brain to also rest and be able to assimilate all the content that is “entering” it.

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