Destination Australia Scholarships 2022 Application Update

Destination Australia Scholarships 

For its Destination Australia Scholarships, Flinders University is now accepting applications from students who have the necessary qualifications. For all students, it is a fully financed scholarship.

About the Scholarship

Under the Destination Australia Program of the Commonwealth government, the Destination Australia Scholarship has been established.

Which aims to expand and improve regional Australian higher education providers, attract and assist local and international students to study there, and provide students with a top-notch educational experience.

Due to Grant Funding supplied by the Commonwealth of Australia as a part of the International Education Support program, the scholarship has been created.

Aim and Benefits of Destination Australia Scholarships

There will be 12 domestic scholarships offered and 2 for foreign students.

Scholarships will be valued at $15,000 per annum for the duration of the recipient’s program, up to a maximum of three years.

Payment will be made in two instalments per annum after the census date of each semester.

Requirements for Destination Australia Scholarships

An applicant must:

1. Be commencing a bachelor’s degree at the Riverland campus of Flinders University; and

2. Maintain ongoing residency in a regional area as defined by the 2016 Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Structure from the Australian Bureau of Statistics; and

3. Be enrolled full-time.


Application Deadline

August 5, 2022

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