Czech Government Masters Scholarship 2022 Application Update

Czech Government Masters Scholarship

For their Czech Government Masters Scholarship, the Czech government is currently accepting applications from students who meet the necessary qualifications. For all students, it is a fully financed scholarship.

About Czech Government Scholarships

The Czech Republic’s government provides scholarships as part of its foreign development cooperation program to help international students from developing nations attend public institutions of higher education in the country.

The Czech Republic’s Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport provides financial aid to underdeveloped nations. All students from underdeveloped nations and/or nations through political and economic transformation are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

Aim and Benefits of Czech Government Masters Scholarship

The scholarship pays for all essential expenses associated with visiting and attending school in the Czech Republic. The scholarship award amount is adjusted frequently.

Currently, CZK 14,000 per month is paid to students enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s, or follow-up Master’s studies programs.
While the monthly payment for doctoral study programs is CZK 15,000 for students.


The scholarship amounts listed above include money set aside for paying for lodging expenses.

The same rules that apply to students who are Czech citizens apply to scholarship recipients, who must pay their own housing, food, and transportation expenses.

Should health services exceeding standard care be required by the student, s/he shall cover them at his/her own cost.

Requirements for Czech Government Masters Scholarship

1. The scholarships are only meant to encourage adult foreigners from developing third countries who are in need to pursue their education.

Therefore, this kind of scholarship cannot be awarded to a Czech national, a citizen of an EU member state, or any other foreign national who has been granted permission to live permanently in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, the scholarships may not be granted to persons under 18 years of age.

(The applicants have to turn 18 as of 1 September of the year when they commence studies in the Czech Republic at the latest.)

2. In Bachelor/ Master/ Doctoral Study Programs plus one-year Preparatory Course of the English language (Which is combined with other field-specific training):

Government scholarships of this category are awarded to graduates from upper secondary schools, or Bachelor’s / Master’s degree courses, as applicable, Who can Enroll only in Study Programs in which instruction is given in the English language.

Depending on the subject area, Applicants are normally required to sit entrance Examinations at the higher education institution Concerned.

Successful passing of Entrance examination constitutes a precondition for the scholarship award; or

3. In follow-up study Programs Master or Doctoral Study Programs:

Government scholarships of this category are awarded to graduates of Bachelor or Master Study Programs, respectively, Enroll in the WHO study Programs with instruction in the English language.


Application Deadline

September 30, 2022

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