7 lessons from Stranger Things college students can learn

Hello and welcome to Nrjp.com.ng, today we are going to be talking about 7 lessons from Stranger Things college students can learn. Kindly read the article below to get to know more about 7 lessons from Stranger Things college students can learn.

But no need to worry! After all, reality is not a two-headed demogorgon and with these 7 lessons from Stranger Things, which we are going to present you now, you will take this period to heart to reach your professional life successfully. Check out!

1. Have a strategy

One of the great pastimes of the children who star in the series is playing Dungeons & Dragons, an RPG game (role-playing game) in which they assume characters, choose their powers and face challenges within a narrative.

And to be able to play and complete your mission successfully, it’s not enough just to rely on luck on the dice, you need to carefully plan each move, analyze the situations and obstacles presented by the narrator and, only then, take action.

Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas take the game very seriously, and it is thanks to features such as reasoning, cunning and the elaboration of tactics acquired in the game, that they manage to unravel the mysteries that haunt the city of Hawkings.

In your university life, establishing an organized strategy is also essential to achieve your goal or, in this case, to earn the long-awaited diploma and open the doors to the professional universe.

A good tip is to maintain, from the first semesters, a structured plan with an organized study schedule , in addition to establishing study priorities and organizing the subjects in order of difficulty.

2. Don’t give up

Persistence is a keyword in the trajectory of many of the characters and is present in several moments of the series. Among them we can mention:

  • Will’s mother, who continues to search for him even when everyone in town believes he is dead;
  • Mike, who doesn’t give up on finding Eleven and tries to reach her on the walkie-talkie;
  • Nancy and Jonathan, who take risks to expose the suspicious activities of the Hawkins National Laboratory.

These are just a few examples of characters who never give up on their goals and don’t stop when faced with obstacles. But how can this information be related to academic life?

Well, who never thought about dropping that most difficult subject or got discouraged when doing that seemingly unsolvable exercise? In this context, persistence is precisely that fuel that gives us strength to continue and overcome the adversities that appear along the way.

3. Learn to work in a group

Whether it’s time to defeat the demogorgon and save Will or to fight the mind flayer and close the portal to the inverted world, cooperation between the characters and the union of each one’s skills is essential for the plans to work out.

Here, we can draw a parallel with the teamwork carried out during college, highlighting the importance of recognizing the talents of each member of the group and working in an integrated manner to achieve efficiency and more positive results.

4. Learn to respect differences

Speaking of group work and recognizing the skills of each member, it is essential to also highlight the importance of dealing with differences.

When Miss Max arrived in town in Season 2, the boys had a hard time accepting her as part of the gang. However, she gradually conquers her space and ends up becoming an important and courageous member.

In practice, learning to deal with the differences of others in a healthy way is an essential competence to establish good coexistence and to be able to extract the best from each member of the group to reach a positive result.

5. Deepen your knowledge

There’s nothing scarier than facing something we don’t know about, right? And to circumvent this challenge, the first step is to gather as much information about the subject in question.

Just like the protagonists of the series, who are always in search of new learning and, driven by curiosity, study, research, investigate and go deep into the mysteries to be able to unravel them!

And in college, to face the tests, do good work and pass the subjects, the secret is the same: invest in studies and put learning first to reach the job market and apply everything you’ve learned in practice .

6. Face your fears

In the topic above, we talked about the importance of acquiring knowledge to successfully face the unknown. However, we also need to highlight the need to create courage to deal with our fears.

In that regard, every character has had moments of great apprehension at some point throughout the series, from the kids to Sheriff Hooper, and they’ve had to fight through that feeling in order to move forward and save the town.

In real life, there are also several situations in the academic world that we often have to deal with and that, at first glance, seem terrifying, such as:

  • doubts in choosing a career ;
  • nervousness when speaking in public;
  • fear of failing the subjects;
  • fear of not fitting in.

And here, there is no magic formula. You have to take a deep breath and do like the characters in Stranger Things: look forward and overcome fear with strength and determination!

7. Know your “powers”

Throughout the episodes of the series, we can follow the evolution of Eleven’s powers, the way she discovers her own abilities and how she learns to control her emotions and channel them correctly to rescue her friends, fight monsters and close the rift. to the inverted world.

This is an extremely important lesson both for your academic and professional trajectory and for your personal life. After all, working on self-knowledge makes you more aware of your talents and learns the best way to use them in your daily life.

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